Are you interested in selling Alven products?

It would be our pleasure

Our range is small but fine. We put an extraordinary amount of emphasis on the best materials, the highest quality in workmanship, and sustainability is so self-evident for us that we don't even mention it anymore (but maybe we should). Instead of being produced in the Far East, our fabrics come from the time-honoured textile stronghold of Bergamo Italy. From weaving to finishing, from cutting to packing, all parts go through several quality controls to meet Alven standards.

In addition to bed linen, we also produce and sell molletons and down products under our own brand. Alven designs do not change over time, but rather represent long-lasting design lines, which can be supplemented with original pieces even many years later if required.

This is because our bed linen lasts for many years when properly cared for - similar to your silverware or china.

If you are interested in a sales partnership, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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