Millefiori Via Brera Stick Diffuser 250ml
With 30% pure fragrance essence, this room fragrance unfolds its sensual effect in your home. Fragrance duration 250ml bottle approx. 3-4 months.
54.90 CHF 54.9 CHF
Millefiori Scented Sachets
These fragrance bags keep your wardrobe fresh for many weeks. Enjoy the inspiring fragrance. Every day.
19.90 CHF 19.9 CHF
Millefiori Replacement Sticks
From time to time you will need replacement sticks for the fragrance diffusers with wooden sticks, because the pores of the balsa wood sticks become more impermeable after a few months and no longer transport the room fragrance optimally. The length here fits to the 250ml bottles sold by us. One package contains 8 wooden replacement sticks.
9.90 CHF 9.9 CHF
Millefiori New Zona Stick Diffuser 250ml
The Millefiori classic "New Zona" diffusor. Elegant 250ml bottle. 4 Sticks included.
69.90 CHF 69.9 CHF