Couette légère en duvet d'eider, toute l'année

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Light Eiderdown-Duvet, warmth index 1, 1cm partition walls, professional cleaning only.

ALVEN Eiderdown Duvets and Pillows

Eiderdown is regarded as the finest and most exclusive filling material par excellence. The down of the wild Icelandic eider ducks, which cushion their nests with it, is collected by hand after breeding, washed and carefully filled into our pillows and duvets. Because this down is so fine, we use the finest silk for the edging. This makes the ALVEN Eiderdown duvets extremely light and pleasantly warm.

The ALVEN Eiderdown Duvets are framed with 100% silk in the Paysley pattern. The year-round eiderdown duvet contains the following filling quantities by dimension:


Delivery time and special sizes:
Our Eiderdown products are manufactured on request. Delivery time is about two weeks. Would you like a special size? Give us a call and we will be happy to make you a pillow according to your specifications.

Please note that ALVEN Eiderdown products are specially manufactured for you after receipt of your order. For this reason they are excluded from the right of return.