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Millefiori Via Brera scented candles
Millefiori's new "Via Brera" series not only provides a sensual fragrance, but also creates a romantic, cosy ambience.
29.90 CHF 29.9 CHF
Pillow Cover Lej da Staz
Double face: front jacquard, back finest chambray satin, concealed zipper. The 65x65cm size comes with an elegant 5cm standing seam.
109.00 CHF 109.0 CHF
Duvet Cover Lej da Staz
100% cotton, double-face, one side jacquard, one side chambray satin, 600 thread count. Made in Italy. Washable at 60°C.
439.00 CHF 439.0 CHF
Satin Fixed Sheets
Satin fitted sheets matching the "Lej da Staz" covers. The 600-thread chambray satin feels incomparable - cool in summer, warm in winter. Special sizes can be manufactured on request and with a delivery time of approx. 6 weeks. Please get in contact with us.
269.00 CHF 269.0 CHF
Down Pillow adjustable
Down-Pillow with three chambers, adjustable.
210.00 CHF 210.0 CHF
Down Duvet warm
New, pure, large flaked goose down, 100%. Washable at 40°C. Soft cotton cover. For sleepers with an average need for warmth and or in bedrooms with little heating.
790.00 CHF 790.0 CHF
Summer Down Duvet
New, pure, large flaked goose down, 100%. Washable at 40°C. Bamwollbatist-cover extra soft.
For sleepers with little need for warmth and or in heated bedrooms. Suitable for waterbeds.
430.00 CHF 430.0 CHF
Scented Candle
Scented candles in three scents.
Burning time 26 to 28 hours. Net weight 250g.
86.00 CHF 86.0 CHF
Millefiori Scented Sachets
These fragrance bags keep your wardrobe fresh for many weeks. Enjoy the inspiring fragrance. Every day.
19.90 CHF 19.9 CHF
Millefiori New Zona Stick Diffuser 250ml
Fruity top notes blend harmoniously with flowery amromes of lily of the valley, jasmine and peony. Rounded off with a base note of wood and musk.

Pure white is characteristic of the freshness of this creation. After Millefiori's introduction, the Zona collection is a reflection of the magic of the senses: the perfect harmony of space and fragrance to give your home an elegant, welcoming atmosphere.

Kopfnote: Orange, Cornus Sangunea, Tangerine, Apricot
Herznote: Lily of the valley, Jasmine, Peony, Green Tea
Basisnote: Ebenholz, Moschus
Inhalt der Verpackung: 1 Diffusor, 4 Sticks
69.90 CHF 69.9 CHF
Flexible Mattress Cover
Gewirkter Fix-Molton mit Gummiband
Farbe weiss, punktelastisch.
109.95 CHF 109.95 CHF
Eiderdown Pillow medium
Three-chamber pillow, outside filled with new, pure, large flaked Icelandic eiderdown 100%, hand-picked.
710.00 CHF 710.0 CHF
Light all-year Ederdown Duvet
Light Eiderdown-Duvet, warmth index 1, 1cm partition walls, professional cleaning only.
5,580.00 CHF 5580.0 CHF
Eiderdown Duvet medium
6,890.00 CHF 6890.0 CHF
Summer Eiderdown Duvet
4,290.00 CHF 4290.0 CHF
Light All-year-Duvet
Filling new, pure, large flaked goose down white, 100%. Heat index 2, washable at 40°C. Stitched in cassette style.
640.00 CHF 640.0 CHF
Millefiori Via Brera Stick Diffuser
With 30% pure fragrance essence, this room fragrance unfolds its sensual effect in your home. Fragrance duration 250ml bottle approx. 3-4 months.
54.90 CHF 54.9 CHF
Millefiori New Zona scented candles
To the popular "New Zona" series there are now also the aesthetic scented candles in glass with chrome detail.
34.90 CHF 34.9 CHF
Millefiori Natural Duftkerzen
A colorful range of fragrances, perfect for adding a personal touch to your home.
24.90 CHF 24.9 CHF
Walnut Candle Jar
Handmade solid walnut candle holder with engraved logo on the lid. Handmade in Germany. The perfectly matching scented candles are available separately. Note: Please extinguish each candle before putting on the wooden lid.
89.95 CHF 89.95 CHF