Boxspring Bed "La Digue"

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Walnut boxspring bed, modern. Delivery time approx. 4-6 weeks.

Boxspring Bed "La Digue", solid walnut

Modern elegance meets comfort

This special boxspring bed is just as elegant as it is flexible. It allows you to equip it with a classic slatted frame and mattress as well as to make it a modern, comfy "inside" box spring bed by using a hidden mattress base. Inside, because the mattress base in this case is not visible. What we love about the "La Digue" construction: Because the mattress base is only 14cm thick, the mattress on top will sink in and will therefore stay in place no matter what. Although you can go for the classic slatted frames way, we recommend the box-spring setup. It simply looks great and gives your bed a convenient height to easy hop in and out.

Boxspring setup: For the boxspring setup, please opt for the mattress base which consists of a spruce wood frame and is filled with cylinder pocket frames (7 zones). The 14cm thick mattress base is insulated with 500mg/m2 felt on each side and covered in double jersey (100% Polyester), stitched on foam.

Slatted frames setup: For the slatted frames setup, please make sure your current ones fit, before you order, or get them separately here at Alven (they fit, guaranteed). The mattress will, however, not stick out as much as showed on our featured photo (boxspring setup) but rather sink in by at least 13cm.

Feet: We at Alven really care for your toes. Okay, we admit, the "Jeno" feet look terrific on this boxspring bed (see pictures), but they can be a trap. Therefore, we let you choose between the "as far from your toes as possible" option "Vilo", consisting of wooden, offset feet under the bed, which will create a hovering, lighter look, or the fancy, metal "Jeno" feet. No risk, no fun? Your call.

Sizes: The "La DIgue" bed is available in different sizes. In addition to the popular classic 180x200cm there are also dimensions of 140x200cm and 160x200cm available. The bed frame is extremely stable, robust and timeless. It will make you smile for many years to come.

Delivered complete with your chosen options and a headboard in anthracit colour (if you wish a special colour, please refer to the Hasena colour table here on page no. 12 and let us know with your order). Slatted frames (if needed) and mattresses can be ordered separately, according to your sleeping needs.

Please note: Beds are made to order and are excluded from the right of return or exchange. The beds will be delivered to the kerb after prior notification by our shipping agent.

Assembly: The assembly of this bed is very simple. It is easy to assemble it on your own and even easier with two extra helping hands. Thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship, this boxspring bed can be dismantled and reassembled many times without damage.

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